TTR250 bottom end engine strip and rebuild

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Fitting instructions for the Totally TTRs fitting kit for Acerbis 22litre Tank to a TTR250 metal tank Open Enduro

Firstly you will need to remove your seat and old fuel tank. Leave the rubber locating bungs in place as they will be used later.

Remove the 2 frame bolts that connect the engine mounts but leave the rest of the engine mounting brackets in place as shown in this photo.


You will need to bend back the horn so that it is flat to the cylinder head.

Next you will need to fit the petrol taps to the Acerbis tank.

Then fit the larger brackets to the tank making sure you use a bit of Loctite on the threads. 

Then fit the brackets but just do the bolts up finger tight for now.

Now fit the self-adhesive rubber strip to the frame.

Then you can locate the tank onto the bike.

Once the tank is in position, fit the 2 long frame bolts with washers. These will need to be fitted from the right-hand side.

Use the old locking nuts from the engine mount bolts but do not fully tighten them up at this stage.

Next fit the strap and seat locating bracket like this Note that I have re-used some of the old tank fixing bracket in the photo.

You can now tighten up all these nuts and all the other nuts and bolts that have been fitted.

Next fit the seat. Make sure you push down on the middle of the seat as you slide it to fit into the locating brackets on the base of the frame and the new one on the tank. This will become apparent when fitting.

You may need to push the seat forward quite hard and hold it there while you get the 2 bolts fitted under the seat.

Fit the fuel lines and then you are done.



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