Fitting a new solenoid on a Yamaha TTR250

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Fitting a headlight bag on a blue TTR250

OK – why bother – what’s the problem?

  1. I don’t like carrying rucksacks as I struggle getting them on and off over my riding gear plus they don’t do your back or shoulders any good.

  2. A rear fender bag raises an already high rear end of the bike (TTR250) and has caused us both to topple over in a very embarrassing fashion.

  3. It is good to have stuff accessible whilst still sitting on the bike plus keeping it away from the mud.

What was my solution?

Firstly a Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag from Winding Roads - an excellent bit of kit it doesn’t hold as much as I had hoped and isn’t waterproof (although they don’t claim it to be - Winding Roads do sell a waterproof cover though). It also means that, when standing up on steepish uphills, you end up astride the Wolfman. That said, I wouldn't be without it!

Secondly, and that’s what this blurb is all about, a “headlight bag”.  

It is not my original idea as I first saw this on my mate’s CRF230 and as I had a spare fender bag – a last year’s Xmas pressie never fitted – I thought I would give it a go!

The ingredients: fender bag and spare TTR headlight surround


Process: simply drill holes in the surround to match the fender bag mountings – remember that the bag needs to open downwards else it will all get a bit awkward!


What does it look like? I think it looks OK:

I used to use it to carry my puncture repair kit : 21” inner tube, 3 tyre levers, air cartridge, puncture repair kit plus spare clutch and brake levers. However, I bought a Wolfman front fender bag where that now lives and the headlight bag carries another piece of excellent kit - a Slime compressor.

The Wolfman front fender bag now takes my tyre kit and has room for a can of Finilec.

Brian Sussex

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