TTR250 - fittinga light on/off switch

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Fitting an after-market clutch safety switch on a Yamaha TTR250

It's a very simple operation. All you need is a replacement switch, a couple of Japanese female bullet connectors and some heat shrink tubing.

The following pic shows the new switch compared to an original. You will see that the connectors are different and that the replacement switch is shorter by about 15cms.


Strip out the old cable and cut off a length of about 15cm.


Slip some shrink wrap on the new wires and attach the female Japanese bullet connectors to the old wires. An alternative is to solder the ends together.




Slip the shrink wrap over the joined connectors.



More shrink wrap over the joined connectors.


Finish off with electrical tape to tidy things up.


A little bit of work is needed at the switch end. Remove the old switch body by depressing the "latch" and pulling it out. Use a pair of pliers if its stuck in as it doesn't matter if it gets damaged!


The new switch has 2 latches and one is surplus and needs to be cut off.


The new switch then fits nice and snug into the clutch perch.

Job done - about 30 minutes tops.


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