Replacing a sprag clutch on a Yamaha TTR250


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Totally TTRs 2” Lowering Link Installation Instructions

Put the TTR on a bike stand so that the rear wheel is off the ground.

Remove both rubber plugs on the sides of the swing arm and remove the 17 mm headed bolt inside the right side hole in the swing arm. Push the remaining bolt/sleeve out the left side. You may have to lift up the rear wheel slightly to free the sleeve.

Remove the 22 mm nut and the washer from the mounting bolt on the left front side of the link, and push the mounting bolt out the right side. If it has been in there a while it might need a touch of the “Irish screwdriver” but be careful not to damage the threads inside the bolt. The link should drop out the bottom and you are ready to install the longer link.

The new link is made of three pieces and these are held together by pressing them onto the bearings. If a small gap has appeared between the arms in transit, just press them back together in a soft-jawed vice or similar. Very little force will be needed. Before installing the new link be sure and grease both bearings. Be careful not to allow any of the needles to fall out of the race housing. If the bearings are caged then it’s not an issue.

Install the lowering link in the reverse order, bearing end to the rear, with the grease fitting pointing down. Install the front link mounting bolt with the washer from the right side. Rotate the rear of the link up into the rear mounting house. Raise the rear wheel approx. 2 inches to line up the link mounting hole and the holes in the swing and push the rear mounting bolt/sleeve in from the left side through the link. Install the 17mm headed bolt back onto the end of the mounting sleeve on the right side, and torque to approx. 43lb ft as per the Yamaha workshop manual.

Install the washer and the 22 mm nut on the front mounting bolt and torque to 43lb ft. Put the 2 rubber plugs back in the swing arm holes. You may want to check the sag and if the full 2 inches of lowering is desired, sag should be set at 100mm/3.90 inches.

To keep the TTR in balance, I recommend sliding the front fork tubes up approx. 1/2 inch until they almost touch the bottom of the handlebars. The forks can be slid up 1/4 inch further by shimming up the handle bar mounts up but much more than that could allow the front tyre to contact the fender under full compression.

Job done!

Good luck and enjoy your lowered TTR.

Brian Sussex


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