How to stop your tank decals bubbling courtesy of Gary Pollard:

1. This pic shows the tank with the sticker off and wiped clean ready for the clear window silastic
to be applied. It's important not to apply the silastic as a total cover over the plastic of the tank but
to leave small air tunnels under the sticker so that the petrol fumes may escape.

2. This pic shows the sticker after it has had about a week to dry out to return to its normal shape.

3.  This pic shows the sticker being applied to the plastic photo laminate sheet.

4. Then glue as an entire assembly to the tank with window silastic - it must be clear as
coloured silastic will leach into tank plastic
. The silastic must be applied very thinly coated to the
tank as if you have it too thick it will look crappy and the sticker will lift at the edges.
You may
have to trim the sticker near the seat as it is unlikely that you will be able to get the glue to hold
 the sticker around the corner of the tank

5. It may be necessary to hold the whole lot on by sticky tape till the silastic dries then, Hey Presto !!!
You now have a sticker that never bubbles and if it begins to lift at any corner then just glue it back down.